Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers the little things. Long after you have forgotten everything. – Aaron Siskind

cake smash

While it feels like forever has passed since Daniel’s birthday. (forever as in many nights of no sleep) It has only been three weeks. So much has happened since then, and as mentioned earlier this week I am pooped. So when I got our wheels on the bus cake smash pictures from Kelley. I was absolutely elated to be able to experience all the excitement all over again. And that is exactly what her pictures did for me. They depict the story of the day so well. From Daniel asking permission via hand gestures to dive into the cake, to love between a mother and her baby. It makes my heart mushy to see them – every.single.time. It makes me cherish the moments more because he is already changed.

cake smash

Introducing Kelley Felix…our lady behind the lens of Daniel’s cake smash

Kelley is a lover of all things art. She tries to see art in all things, obviously studying graphic design helped her develop those already existing creative bones. Her life consists mainly of design, photography and social media. As she works for Nelson Mandela University as a Graphic Designer in the Department of Arts, Culture and Heritage. Where she curates and/or assists with all exhibitions associated with the department. Kelley is also a naturalista and even in her passion for her hair has found a creative outlet.

Our experience with Kelley

From the moment Kelley walked into our home, I felt at ease. She was totally relaxed and okay with Daniel just being a kid. She didn’t rush him trying to get perfect angles or backgrounds but instead just let him be himself. He fell for her and gave her his best “bambie eyes” as she would call it. Although I had very different ideas of how this shoot was going to play out – the way it did was absolutely perfect and we have lifetime memories to show for it.

cake smash

You definitely wouldn’t tell that Kelley didn’t grow up wanting to be a photographer or even enjoy the subject whilst studying. Her love for meeting new people is hard to miss. Something that she said to me that really stayed with me for future photo sessions with Daniel was “Let him be. If he needs time to adjust to me let’s give him that time. If he needs to run up and down, let him. It’s better getting shots of a happy baby running around than hours worth of crying or moody looking pictures.

Not all children like being photographed so making them comfortable is the most important. He will show me how he wants to be photographed. They will listen to direction if they feel free enough to express themselves.” Profound? I thought so too.

cake smash

Contact Kelley…

Kelley’s pictures are available on Instagram for viewing and she responds to DM’s for bookings. We loved these pictures and Kelley so much that Ian decided to pull her in for Ootrey’sΒ launch and are already busy planning and scheduling their next shoot! Man oh man, did she blow our expectations out of the water with what she did for Ootrey. This woman is amazing! Please show her some love on her Instagram page!

cake smash

In the meantime – how gorgeous are these pictures of my little toddler?

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