Both my children love reading, the littlest more but this is because we have cultivated this love from a very young age. We did this with the use of picture books, most of which were way over his “age group”. November is Picture Book month, and to celebrate this, every day this week I will be featuring and reviewing one of our favourite picture books! Of course at the end of this week there will be a lovely picture book hamper for age group 3-6 sponsored by Pan MacMillan for you to win!

All you need to do is follow each book review this week for a hint released each day and on Friday follow the prompts!

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Why picture books are important!

Before children can read, they rely on you their parents to explain what it is they are being read. More often than not everything we explain doesn’t makes complete sense to him. Especially at the tender ages of under 3 like with Daniel. The pictures help Daniel understand what we read to him. As well as to help him to analyze the story. The pictures help to figure out the meaning of what the words are trying to communicate, they are a way of helping children to “comprehend” the story.

Picture books allow children to practice the sounds. The rhythm and rhyme in picture books help children learn and memorise words and their meanings. Daniel loves being able to finish my sentences with his favourite books knowing what is coming and what the characters are doing.

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Reading time for us is a special time! Daniel loves to talk about characters, what they are doing and why. This interaction we have builds comprehension. It allows us to talk why and what is happening in the story. Picture books also often touch on sensitive topics to help children relate to age-appropriate issues. They give children an understanding of story sense like the beginning, middle and end.

I have some awesome picture book reviews coming up this week, but here are Daniel’s current favourite picture book review links:

In the Meantime – What are your children’s favourite picture books?

picture books

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  1. Do you buy new books every week? I definitely can’t afford to do that but I have a nice variety at home for us to keep rotating. If you have extra to lend out, please send them to school and I will get them back to you when we are done. Bella loves story time and also enjoys trying to tell the story the way she sees it in the pictures, although I don’t always understand some of the words she says it definitely helps improve her vocabulary. She is 20 months now and I am amazed by all the new words she learns every day.

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