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A natural local choice for baby skincare feat. Bubiroo {Review}

Eczema is like a swear-word in our house. It has given me absolute endless anxiety since Daniel picked it up at 10 weeks. We have been to the pediatrician, got all the recommended soaps and tried various baby ranges. Some of which worked, if only for a short while, but when winter popped it’s ugly scaly head Daniel started with eczema around his eyes and face area. It looked sore, irritated and flaky. Most of all my poor babies face was a constant reminder that although we had tons of medications, this is something we are living with daily.



FOMO is real! Lowdown: ECMeetup here!

If you follow any of the Eastern Cape bloggers your social media will be filled snippets from our experience. An event for bloggers and brands to learn, make connections and bridge the gap. The event this year was amaze-balls! I know how real the “fomo” can get, so a lowdown: EC Meet Up just for you is in order. Although each of these “meetups” has been awesome, they really do just get better! Personally, I attend with one goal in mind – get energized. Whenever I leave a meet-up I am completely refreshed and ready to be the best blogger I can be.

lowdown ecmeetup (more…)

The hilarious “Tannie Evita” is coming to PE!

Looking for plans this weekend? Look no further PE we have Pieter-Dirk Uys aka Evita Bezuidenhout lined up! She promises to shake your blues away with her brazen commentary on our political situation. Tannie Evita’s character has always reminded us with a chuckle, where we have come from as South Africans. She no doubt has a lot of new material up her sleeve, because of all the happenings of late – so it should be a good one!

Tannie Evita

“Evita Bezuidenhout and the Kaktus of Seperate Development” will be showing on the 22-24 February 2018. The show is said to be focused on the future of the ANC, the state of the nation and the capture of democracy. Tannie Evita is completely unabashed about ruffling feathers so there is sure to not be a topic that goes untouched. Lined up are her takes on the Van Riebeecks, Verwoeds, Bothas, Guptas, the Mandelas and most importantly the Zumas. A diet for Malema and not forgetting some love for her dearest Tutu.

Closely followed by another solo-show featuring Pieter-Dirk Uys as himself in “Echo of Noise”. Unequivocaly this show has left attendees astonished at the man behind the heels and make-up. Uys opens up and tells of his public and personal life, in an autobiographical one man memoir. Critics have called this show “truly inspirational” and “brilliant“. Among others he shares the story of his fathers death and German mothers suicide. Therfore giving us a peak into the life of man who chose the road less travelled.  Making this a not-to-be missed rendition. Enthusiasts can catch this show from 24-28 February 2018.

Tickets for either of the above mentioned shows can be purchased at your nearest Computicket. They will take both place at the Anthenaeum for R130 per person at 7:30pm on the dates respectively mentioned above.

Excitingly My Spreadsheet Brain has a chance for you to win tickets to Echo of Noise over here!

In the Meantime – So does Tannie Evita tickle your funny bone too? Share some of your memories with me in the comments!

Authentic SA Experience right here in the Bay – Black Impala Tshisa Nyama

Port Elizabeth is gaining so many new experiences, and I am soooo excited to be able to share them with you. After our Segway Tours two weeks ago, we were invited to a lunch at Black Impala! Just thinking back to this day makes my tummy rumble, no matter the time. Black Impala is a “braai bar”, and a completely unique experience in the bay. They offer a “Bay Genuine Draft Saint Nelson” and the popular Jane Doe cider (on tap) too, specially created by local breweries.

black impala


Finding your balance on a Segway – Wild X in PE

As you know “finding your balance” can mean so many different things, but mainly it means to distribute things evenly. This enables you to remain upright or steady, or in life to be sane or at least feel it. Last week Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism (NMBT) invited us to attend the launch of the Segway Beachfront Tours in Port Elizabeth. Which was something completely different to what I expected. To be honest thinking back, I’m not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t what happened.