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She thinks she’s not good enough! Prayers for My Child!

Be a good parent they say. It sounds easy enough right? Sigh! I’m having a “woe is me” day – where I feel like a failed parent. (Again!) I have those days – I’m sure you do too. Where all I can do is say prayers for my child. I realised that she is insecure about one of her features, something that she, has somewhere between the start of her school career, and now, become aware of. This awareness that she has is basically that this feature isn’t like everyone else’s. Initially mommy instincts? March down to the school and just bring down the house! Who told her that she wasn’t like everyone else? Even so, who made her believe that this was a bad thing?

prayers for my child


Is it okay to lie to your kids?

Not too long ago, I flipped out because my daughter kept something from me, something I felt I should know. (I wrote about it here.) I later thought about how I am constantly trying to teach my child “life lessons” by example, like learning how to love the skin you are in. Mostly I feel pretty strongly about it in most instances, but when confronted with whether I lie to my kids, I wasn’t as confident about the answer. Which brings me to my next question – is it okay to lie to your kids?

lie to your kids


All the phone perks with none of the risk! Q50 Kids Smart Watch {Review}

After giving into the cellphone craze and getting Emilie one for her birthday. Gasp! I know. I regretted it a lot. Not just because it was a little irritating. In her excitement she would send me hundreds of voice notes, pictures and emoticons daily (after school). It was also a little scary. The mobile network we chose recycled numbers, so the number we had belonged to someone prior to us having it. Meaning she received strange calls at least once or twice a week.

q50 kids smart watch


How moms say I love you…

The other day a good friend sent me a quote/meme that said “People who care will ask how you are doing. People who love will ask until you tell the truth”. With it she said – “This is you.” At first I laughed, because I am that person that will ask 50289 times if you are okay, if for whatever reason you don’t feel okay around me. It made me feel so good, and I replied saying at least you know it’s love. This is so evident in life, we don’t always say how much we love someone all the time but somehow we show them in little ways by the things we do and with reference to this post – the things we say.

mom says i love you


The 11’s – Life with an 11 month old and an 11 year old!

For a brief few weeks between mid July and mid August this year. I have an 11 month old little boy and an 11 year old girl. The 11’s. It’s a difficult age for both, but we manage. Well, we managed. Up until this week. In the great scheme of things, I am refering to one month and one week respectively. But really, this week passed in what felt like many many days per night. Emilie started school this week, after a 3 week holiday where she was not home. And Daniel is cutting his top teeth.