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educating your children

What are you unconsciously teaching your child about their appearance?

Friday afternoon Emilie and I had a date at the hairdresser. We both went for a trim and walked out feeling all Kardashian. Ian gave tons of compliments, and we took pictures (something I now realise we don’t do enough). While putting on a bit of make-up on Saturday (also something I don’t do very often), Emilie was like wow mum, now you look really pretty. I saw that look and resisted the temptation to say you can put something on too.

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Signs your child is being bullied

Several months ago – the unthinkable happened to us. We found out that Emilie had been bullied at school. When we had found out, it was already going on for quite a while and Emilie was exploding with emotions that at the time, she didn’t know how to cope with. I was beside myself. I missed the signs. (more…)