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breastfeeding mama

My love, hate relationship with breastfeeding

My boobs and I have a love hate relationship because of breastfeeding. Now I’m not talking about the kind of “hate that I love you”, that Rihanna and Neyo have. The kind I’m talking about is where there are literally days where I am counting the minutes till it’s over. Yep, your lows are THAT low, I wrote about it hereΒ and here. I have spent a lot of time hating on it actually. Many many minutes of sighing and wishing for it to be over. (more…)

My labour of love {Breastfeeding my boy}

Daniel and I got the silver boob award last month hooray! For those of who don’t know what that means, basically I exclusively breastfed him for 6 months. Why an award you might be wondering? Well! Let me just tell you that choosing to breastfeed your baby is NOT for the faint of heart!Β  (more…)