I don’t know about you, but mom hair and the mom hair chronicles are real for me. It’s a big part of the reason I actually went natural. You know so that when people asked me when I was going to blow dry my hair. (Which happens too much to mention.) I had a reason other than laziness as to why I just haven’t dried my hair. The damage guys.. the damage! Just kidding (I think).

Last year at the #ECMeetUp I met Michelle from Stylish Steppers, she gave me one look and picked out the Tea Tree Tingle range for me to try. Mich is the owner of the Stylish Steppers brand, and owns a salon in Sanctor.Β  She has also launched some amazing ranges for naturals of which “Tea Tree Tingle” forms part.

So why tea tree oil?

I had heard of tea tree oil for anti fungal or healing purposes (I know this because I’ve had piercings and had to use it for that) and even for cleaning (mold and such), but for your hair? Of course I had to do some research.

What I found was that it is one of the most commonly used essential oils in spas because of the numerous health and wellness benefits. For hair tea tree oil helps to unclog hair follicles and nourish roots and thereby encouraging growth. This also enables it to help detangle. It is great for fighting off dandruff and solving the itching scalp whether with or without dandruff, thanks to the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil has also been found to kill lice in nymph and adult stages of life as well as reduce the number of eggs hatched. I was convinced, so I tried it…

stylish steppers

The Shampoo Review…

So the smell is extremely pungent at first, and like the name says your scalp actually does tingle a little bit during use. You do get used to it over time though, and my hair feels cleaner. I use conditioner on my hair often to hold curls, and this causes quite a build up which usually means that I need to wash my hair more than once to remove it. It doesn’t help that have A LOT of hair. However with the Stylish Steppers Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo, this is not necessary and I use a lot less shampoo on my thick hair. Winning at life over here!

The shampoo it self is much thinner in consistency than your normal store bought shampoo, and lasts a lot longer. Somehow with this range my shampoo and conditioner actually are finishing together as appose to the normal shampoo lasting longer than the conditioner problem.

The Conditioner Review…

Much like the shampoo the conditioner has a very strong smell, when using it on the kids I use very little. It is also much thinner in consistency, and spreads well. I usually find that with normal conditiiner I only spread a little over my hair before it gets absorbed.

As a leave in conditioner, it doesn’t harden my hair at all like normal conditioners (which I usually use as a gel). My hair stays soft and dries frizz free. It also goes a little afro because I have so much which I don’t like so I don’t use it for this. I do however use it on DJ’s little curls and it works like a bomb.

Overall feelings…

I really like it, it took me a while to get used to the idea because it felt different but the results on my and Emilie’s hair have really been worth it. Not only is it all natural, but it’s also really great for your hair. Especially if its curly and stubborn like mine. A bottle which is R80 lasted us more than 6 weeks so it’s also value for money. Need I say more?

Maybe? Well there are some are more cool reviews for Stylish Steppers from My Spreadsheet Brain, and JustEllaBella.

Stylish Steppers range of hair products are available from Michelle’s store in Port Elizabeth Sanctor – you can reach her at 083 609 8009. You can also contact her via social media on Facebook and Instagram. Her salon is AMA-ZING and her team of people with magic fingers do amazing things to hair. Check us out after our visit, we were absolutely selfie-crazy!

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In the Meantime – Have you tried out tea tree oil hair products – let me know in the comments?

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  1. I really want to take Addison to Stylish Steppers…she seems to be like a hair whisperer!

    Great review…with the lice outbreaks every second week at primary school, this is a great item to be using as a preventative measure.

  2. These sound like fab products. I especially like that bit about nourishing the roots and encouraging hair growth, seeing as my hair has been looking a little too thin for my liking recently!
    Also, love the pic of you and Emilie – so cute! πŸ™‚ x

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