Reading the title of this post, most of you must be thinking, other than sleep? Nothing! Then again, moms know different. Even when you are sick, and everyone in your house is sick. Life needs to go on. Toddlers and preteens are rarely as tired as we require them to be in these times right? And of course, the show must go on! This last month, our house was invaded by a bunch of really sticky germs. Although we were home-bound (aka stuck in the house), we managed to make it fun. And this without too much input from the TV!

stuck in the house

Last month Prima Toys very generously sent us the new Anti-Monopoly game. I am generally a sore loser when it comes to the game of Monopoly which is why this game intrigued me so much. It goes against all the rules… you can choose to be a competitor or a monopolist and thereafter you play under completely different sets of rules. Fascinated? I certainly was.

This revolutionary new idea not only goes against everything we know to be “the rules” but still a fair game. I must admit that it took me a bit of time to understand how it all works. It’s designed in such a way that it helps you understand the difference between competitors and monopolists. In real life, balanced probabilities don’t exist – but with the rules in play, like equal starting points and only certain improvements are allowed for each.

With two objectives, and an option of a 2-hour game, the options are endless. As much as the age-old game of Monopoly holds many a fond memory, I can absolutely see me and my family creating new ones on this clever new interpretation!  Monopolists (this is not me as I’m always the loser with this), charge high rents from their visitors and can only build once they have a full-colour street. These are the bad guys, they occasionally go to prison, and are restricted to only building 3 houses per street.

stuck in the house

Competitors, the good guys, charge fair rents, can build as soon as they own a street and occasionally go into price wars. Emilie was very entertained! Of course – I didn’t win our first round. But we have plenty of time this holiday to change that status. A game for the whole family and can accommodate up to 6 players, suitable for ages 8 and over. Anti-Monopoly retails for R349.00 and can be purchased at leading retail stores and online here.

We may be in the house a lot more than we even need to be now. (Which this mama loves!)

*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Prima Toys for the #PrimaGamesFest but all opinions and views are my own.

In the Meantime – What do you do when stuck in the house? What do you think of Anti-Monopoly are you as excited about this as I am?

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  1. I need to get this….really need to start a board game stash. We had so many, but when the kids are little they destroy and lose it. Now that they are older, I can get a collection going again!

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