Imagine yourself in the toilet, doing your thing – you turn to flush 7-9 litres of water down the toilet to pass your average of about 200-400mls of urine, but instead you “skip the flush” and grab a bottle of Organico. Spritz or powder your wee, wash your hands and go. Would that be terrible? Could you imagine doing that? Most households in Port Elizabeth have had to resort to many new and innovative ways to save water. Our dams have recently hit a low of 18%, it has meant that every single household needs to pull together and help our city.

Skip the flush

By flushing an average of 7-9 litres of water per flush, with an average of 5-8 trips to the toilet per day. That’s like 35 litres of water minimum per person per day. Flushing our clean drinking water down the toilet. The very water we are in need of, the very water we are trying to save.

How does Organico work?

You may be wondering what exactly a few spritz’s or powdering is going to do to your urine? Organico has 100% natural ingredients and this breaks down human waste, kills germs and leaves your toilet smelling fresh. In turn you don’t need to flush every time. Organico contains natural enzymes, micro-organisms and bacteria that aren’t harmful to people, animals, plant life or the environment.

skip the flush

Okay… so what about poop?

Notice how I am easing into this? Wrapping my head around not flushing was a little hectic for me too. Not because I don’t appreciate that we need to save water. Flushing the toilet links to our dignity, we have a certain amount of shame about what is left behind in the toilet bowl. Even though these are all natural processes. The way we react to other people’s waste has made us very aware of how gross it is. Not to mention the smell.

Organico’s natural enzymes break down ALL human waste, as well as the germs and is an alternative odour reducing toilet flushing solution. So hygiene – tick! Smell – tick! Getting used to the idea yet?

Can you really Skip the Flush?

My family wasn’t very impressed when I came home super excited after an introduction of the product with the Skip the Flush team. Excited to leave all our waste in the toilet completely exposed. I was however absolutely horrified at how bad things were in PE, and how I just wasn’t doing enough to save water. Step 1 was going to be using Organico! So we did. It wasn’t completely terrible once I wrapped my head around it, I say that tongue in cheek because it really is a dignity thing. You don’t want to leave the toilet with something other than water in there for the next person to find – even in your own house. It’s just gross.

Skip the fush

You know what’s even more gross? Fetching water from a drop off point, in bottles because there is nothing coming from your tap.

That is the reality of not having any water. It’s scary. Although PE has received some considerable rain recently we are not out of the deep end, we still need to be cautious, frugal and smart about our water usage to keep it sustainable!

In the Meantime – Let’s save those 30 liters per person per day and make a difference! Organico is available now at leading stores!

WIN 3 Organico Skip the Flush Hampers for yourself!

Are you a water saving fundi? Let me know in the comments what you do to save water and you could win a Skip the Flush Hamper including one of each of the products for you to try at home. A poop emoji cushion, poop emoji stress ball, a mug and a shower timer!

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8 Comments on Skip the Flush with Organico + WIN!

  1. Not eligible to enter, but even before the water restrictions we collect water in buckets while we shower & pour that into the toilet to “flush” it clean 🙂 you’d be surprised how well it works if you use the right size bucket (it’s all about water force, lol). I also use Probio (similar to Organico, but on a more industrial scale, & probably doesn’t smell anywhere near as nice) to convert some of my grey water so it can be used on my veggies & fruit trees 🙂 It’s amazing how much water you can save if you never have to flush (even my kids love pouring the water in the toilet, heehee)! x P.s I’m sure the winners are just going to LOVE this prize, so awesome (wish it could be me).

  2. My kids (5 and 2 years old) bath in my daughter’s baby bath – they take turns of course. Lol! And when we do use the big bath we all take turns to bath of course in order of who could be the dirtiest. Lmao. That bath water is then used to flush toilets, water the garden or left in the bath for when the nanny comes to clean and she then uses it to wash floors, etc.

    When washing dishes I don’t use a lot of water and wash in a certain sequence so that cleanest things are washed first and so on. This really saves water and not much rinsing is done. A cup is used when brushing teeth and showers are very quick.

    I really want to win this prize. Pick me! Pick me!

  3. I bucket wash my kids instead of bathing them most days to save water. One kettle per kid and they think it’s such a treat to have the bucket poured over them when they’re done! They’re actually scrubbed a lot cleaner this way instead of sitting in a big tub of water that is still clean when they finish!

  4. We have had a complete lifestyle change living in CT. We only flush with grey water which we collect from our laundry or shower water. My little boy baths in his old baby bath and not our Jacuzzi size bath. We also have a jojo tank so we make use of rain water for our laundry.

  5. We live in the WC so we have been trying to save water a number of ways. The main thing we do is save our bath/shower water and use it to flush the toilet.

  6. We are committed to saving water and I’ve had a 2 litre coldrink bottle of water in my cistern for years! Saving 2 litres of water with every flush. Elke bietjie tel? 🙂 Oh and we only flush er… you know, when we um HAVE to !! We collect rainwater in a big tank and filter that to use as drinking water and we water our plants with a watering can. Every little effort helps!!

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