When my husband first decided to start his own business, there was a lot of risk analysis (for lack of a better word). We looked at a variety of options of how we would sustain our household while still giving the business the room to grow. One of the options we looked at was to sell our car and downgrade to something smaller and cheaper. Now there are a lot of ways to go about selling your car, but in our situation not many of them seemed feasible.

sell your car

We could have put a sticker up in the car with a telephone number, and hoped for the best. We did go to a few dealerships to look at what was on offer for the car and what “deals” could be made but found it hard to downgrade that way. Did you know there was an easier more convenient way to do this? CarZar offers a free evaluation of your car from the comfort of your living room or office. All you have to do is have some information on the year of your car, the make and model, fuel type, transmission, variant (sport, 1.4 etc.) and the mileage. Once all the information is entered they ask for your email address to send you, your obligation free quote.

The options available are for instant cash. This amount is below what you would get should you sell it yourself the long way. They also offer you an option for them to advertise your car with all the dealerships they are affiliated to for a higher price for a period of 48hours. CarZar gives you a rough estimation of what this amount could be (highest offer). Thereafter you can select where you would like to book your car in for an inspection. These are available in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng and voila! Bob’s your uncle!

Could it be easier? I doubt it. What makes CarZar different from others similar to them, is that they give you an obligation free service, immediately – you can see within 5minutes what valuation you are looking at. They offer an independent third-party car inspection which means you get a free roadworthy check! Plus, they give you the option to take the best possible market price by trying to sell it for you. Win. Win.

sell your car

We decided to pay our car off and keep it. This option will be easy and convenient when we do get to a point that we do want to sell our car.

*This post was sponsored by CarZar but all opinions and comments and personal experiences are my own.

In the meantime – have you tried to sell your car recently? Did you use the easy way? Let me know about your experience.

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