Quality time is defined as “time in which one’s child, partner, or other loved person receives one’s undivided attention, in such a way as to strengthen the relationship”. In the times we live in how do we give real “undivided attention”? I mean with our current state of being connected to everything at every single moment of the day. How difficult is it not to put your phone down for an hour without the fear of missing something important.

quality time

Up until this last week, when I was on leave, to spend some quality time with Emilie after our last few difficult weeks that I posted about here and here. I didn’t actually realise how much time that we spent together was divided. I mean I have a really busy toddler, which means when we come home from work there’s that. Then my phone which is constantly pinging with notifications from social media and WhatsApp. In between which, we end up having a 15 min talk at supper about her day. Then homework checking and bedtime.

It’s shameful how little time she has with me. No wonder she may slightly be acting out – other than the fact that she’s going into puberty and easing into big girl status.

Then a miracle happened. At the time I didn’t think it was a miracle though.

Our internet started giving us some serious problems, and Ian just got gatvol and cancelled the contract. Just like that. No back-up plan. We then got another contract which took till yesterday to get here. 5 days without WiFi! *insert horrified face* What the heck was this guy thinking? It forced us to…

  • Go to the local library – we registered Emilie for the library. Gasp! It was the first time, I had been with my 11 year old in a real library. It was an awesome experience to share with her.
  • We played games – Playstation games, Monopoly – hours literally of laughing at one another being a little competitive and just having fun.
  • We built a puzzle – granted this was only a 500 piece puzzle, but it took us a good few hours.quality time
  • Emilie and I read together – Emilie doesn’t really enjoy reading, she is more of an outdoors-y type of child, she loves being outside. But we are really trying to encourage her to read. Without DSTV or internet, the library was the next best cost effective option. I read a chapter and she read two. We talked about the characters their feelings and what we thought was going to happen next. #preciousmomentsquality time
  • We pampered. I did her hair and nails, we put on fake tattoos. Things I always promise to do but never get around to.
  • We baked – pancakes, waffles and muffins. I did the pancakes, we got some fun toppings, and then she did the muffins and waffles. It was yummy, fun and so good

All really affordable, minimum effort maximum enjoy type things. Tomorrow we plan to take the kids to the beach, it will be DJ’s first experience in the water so we are keeping him out of school.

This holiday has been good for my soul. It filled my cup – and a big part was because I was not aware or worried about what the next person was doing (on social media). I wasn’t comparing and trying to be better. I realised how much of my brain space is taken up by the unimportant things and how focusing on my family and what is really important to me. Is actually good for me, and them. It has too challenged me now that we have it all. To set the time aside to give the undivided attention to my loved ones. Because they deserve it and so do you.

In the meantime – have you found any other ways to really spend quality time with your family? How do you manage?

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    • You know Cherralle, we have found the resource so helpful. Books are so expensive as well. She had such a huge selection and then to my absolute delight she enjoyed the book so much she finished the first one in a week. This for a girl who has no real interest. I am just absolutely delighted. I hope that we can keep this going! xxx

      • I am going to put that on my list as a goal. Go to the library and register my 4 YO – she does enjoy the story books etc. I lived for the library as a kid (i use to make my mother take me as young as in standard 1 i recall i made her take me weekly after she came from work late afternoon).

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