In my 14 months of motherhood, I would like to say that I have learnt a thing or two about nappies. Which brands suit our toddler the best, how to actually put a nappy on properly, and when is the right time to change nappy sizes. Or how to know what was the correct fit.Β Unfortunately I wasn’t completely in the loop until recently. Where we had poonami’s – (for those of you lucky enough to not know what this means the name says it all), an irritated skin (he has a very sensitive skin already eczema prone and all), and a very unhappy baby and mommy. I could not understand. I quickly changed brands and had the same results, if not worse.

correct fit

This mamaΒ was stumped. I have already come to terms with the fact that some nappies cause a reaction with our baby and that this meant we stuck to what worked. It was at this point when I had a chat with my sister-in-law. My nephew is younger than Daniel by 10 weeks, his build is a little different and obviously his weight. Yet, he was on a bigger nappy. I was ready to try anything and although Daniel still fit into his nappy what seemed to me as comfortable (the straps closed), something was a miss.

We then got Daniel Pampers Active Baby 4+ (9-16kgs), which was just just still within his range. He is about 10,8kgs now. Suddenly, his skin cleared and our poonami’s became a thing of the past. HOOOORAAAAYYYY!!! This really made me think, we are so quick to blame the nappy when we have constant leaks or poonamis. When in actual fact there are a few things to check before changing a brand you know and trust that works for you. I reached out to Pampers and they were kind enough to send Daniel a little package – which as you can see from the pictures he loves. Mom loves it too!

This made me think, think and search – after a little digging here is what I have found:

  • Babies come in all different shapes and sizes (I already knew this part). Unfortunately as awesome as nappies are – their sizing will never be perfect. Hence there is some overlap between the sizes (this was news to me). The start of a new nappy size may mean a little trial and error to find your right fit but once you have it wow, what a life changer.
  • Leaks can happen for various reasons including a nappy that is too small. Too small can mean one of two things, either the volume of wee from baby is too much for the size. (Bigger nappies also have more material which means more absorbency.) It can mean the nappy is too small and leaks because of lack of room for movement. Another thing to just beware of is that it can also just be because the cuffs of the nappy aren’t pulled out. If you put your finger in at the cuffs they should all be facing outward. (I know this gets tough when you are putting a nappy on a worm)

correct fit

Pampers has a lovely article on the above with some more tips and things to look out for here. With Daniel we had some type of chaffing on his lower back. Partly as a result off not the right fit and at times the nappy was put on too tight. By this I mean not using the indicators provided. We have since sorted all our issues, and have a recovering baby. His nappy rashes are all clear, he’s dry. The chaffing inflammation has gone now to barely visible. My heart is at ease.

We use Pampers, although I have tried other brands – I love the variety for different needs. We recently tried the nappy pants, which alleviates the problem of putting the nappy on too tight (as mentioned above). Also, they are so much easier to pull on as opposed to diapering an octopus. The active baby nappies though are our personal favourite. They are affordable – (price per nappy when on special), really work in terms of keeping baby dry. I know this because whenever Daniel is wet his bum breaks out in nappy rash. And they boost a really good quality soft nappy that doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive of skins. Tick! Tick! Tick for this mama!

correct fit

Although these tips do help, they unfortunately don’t mean you will never have a poonami.Β  Teething, viruses and just general mishaps happen too, but it definitely helps knowing what the right thing to do is.

In the meantime – am I the only mom that was blissfully dealing with my poonami’s and correct fit for nappies the wrong way?

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