Valentines, a day to celebrate ALL kinds of love. There are so many different views on whether one should or shouldn’t celebrate. How it is so bad to celebrate it, because you should be loving one another every day and I’m sure you too, have heard them all. Ian and I aren’t big on Valentines – for this reason as well but we try to keep things simple and special. When we can. This year, Ian surprised me with breakfast in bed. It was so sweet – a true sacrifice – SLEEP! I was positively elated! It made my day. Not only that, but when I got out of the shower – Daniel was dressed looking like cupid had thrown up on him too. *aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Isn’t he gorgeous? On posting to Instagram I wished everyone a day of love made visible, what an awesome thoughtful wish! I in turn had a day of exactly that. My awesome husband came home at lunch time and did a batch of washing – to youngsters this might not seem romantic BUT when you have washing coming out of your ears. A call from the hubster at lunch to inform he’s put a batch on and hung it up is music to your ears!

I sat at the office thinking of what I could do for him because he was being SO thoughtful, I decided on an extra special supper. On the drive home, Ian (husband person) suggested we get supper so that him and I could just chill. Got home to chocolates! This man of mine had outdone himself! Of course if this story was just about how romantic my husband was, it wouldn’t be post worthy right?

So fast forward past some mom duties, to us finally sitting down to watch a movie. And then, Daniel let out a yelp from his previously deep sleep. Have you ever noticed their (babies) timing is impeccable when it comes to mom and dad nights? When I went to settle him, I realised he was burning up.

This was the beginning of three awful parenting days, and when I say days I mean 24 hour days because three days doesn’t sound as long as what 72 hours does and that is how long it was – looooooooong. Hours and hours of worry. Hundreds of minutes of no sleep. Thousands and thousands of seconds of sussing, and walking, sponging and crying that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Daniel’s fever ranged from 38,5 – 39,5, we visited the ER one night and spent a few hours there, saw two Dr’s and took several temperatures. It was the first time DJ was sick – and we felt like parents who knew nothing about anything.

During these three days things I remember clearly are: Ian fetching DJ from me at 2am, and walking his pajama drill around our bed to soothe him, laying my head on his shoulders at the ER while Daniel slept in his arms. I remember him wiping vomit, getting supper, fetching meds, sponging down and cheering up. When I was home with Daniel and he was working – although neither of us slept at night, Ian would take him for his lunch time so I could just go to the loo or shower. These times gave me a refill. A minute to myself. They kept me sane. It made me realise what “love made visible” really means.

Parenting with a supportive partner makes the world of difference to these stressful, difficult situations. It made me grateful to have someone who loves our children and I, fiercely. So our Valentines Day ended up being heated with fever – and smothered in an icky non-commercial kinda love and yet I think I am more in love that I have been before. I guess the quote is true… “Never knew how much I loved your daddy – until I saw how much he loves you.”

In the meantime – Can we do Valentines over with a little less HOT parenting this time?

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  1. awwww that last paragraph <3 Having a sick baby is so incredibly stressful – hope he's okay now. I have no idea how people do it. It takes huuuuuge strength of character to have a little one.

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