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Anxiety is not just the new buzz word!

Anxiety has become such an easy word to use lately, with more and more people coming out about the fact that they struggle with it. Does it make it easier to deal with? I think sometimes it does. More times than not though it doesn’t. Just because it’s more common doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone understands better, or is even more empathetic about it. It’s just another thing to pop a pill for. Except that it’s not.



WOW! Animals – A book of Extraordinary Facts {Kids Book Review}

Last week was a little crazy with some post-op hiccups, so the Picture Book Week I had started went a little off track. We are back though this week and I am feeling so much better! Today’s review is one of the WOW! Series books – of course our favourite is the Animal one. The rest of the series include: WOW Vehicles, WOW Your Body and WOW Dinosaurs! Daniel has an absolutely obsession with animals so this one is our favourite!

wow animals


The Importance of Picture Books! {Picture Book Month}

Both my children love reading, the littlest more but this is because we have cultivated this love from a very young age. We did this with the use of picture books, most of which were way over his “age group”. November is Picture Book month, and to celebrate this, every day this week I will be featuring and reviewing one of our favourite picture books! Of course at the end of this week there will be a lovely picture book hamper for age group 3-6 sponsored by Pan MacMillan for you to win!

All you need to do is follow each book review this week for a hint released each day and on Friday follow the prompts!

picture books