Help! My baby is self-weaning..

15 months, roughly 450 days, and a gazillion feeds later… now that I am completely normalised to breastfeeding myself. (Let’s face it, whipping out your boob all over does take some getting used to – whether with a cover or not.) Now that the pumping is over and I can relax, breathe take a lunch break. He just decided to start self-weaning. How dare he?


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Fat Bike Beach Tours in PE!

The wind in your hair, sea sand at your feet, beautiful scenery around you. You are laughing and chatting to friends and loved ones, while small trickles of sweat gather on your forehead. Your heart is racing a little as you pedal slowly (or quickly) on your fat bike. Focusing on the road but also just taking in the ocean you love so much from a completely different perspective.

Sound like fun?

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My first experience with the Iontoderma – Dealing with hyperhidrosis

This weekend I was feeling brave, and tested out the Iontoderma finally. To say it was nerve-wrecking is really putting it lightly. I was sweating just sitting there thinking about it. The machine works with water and electricity, so it sends small amounts of electric current while your hands/feet are in the water. All I was thinking was – I am going to shock. It’s going to hurt. However the need to be free of my hyperhidrosis is bigger than that fear so I did it.

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Sell your car without the drama

When my husband first decided to start his own business, there was a lot of risk analysis (for lack of a better word). We looked at a variety of options of how we would sustain our household while still giving the business the room to grow. One of the options we looked at was to sell our car and downgrade to something smaller and cheaper. Now there are a lot of ways to go about selling your car, but in our situation not many of them seemed feasible.

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What are you unconsciously teaching your child about their appearance?

Friday afternoon Emilie and I had a date at the hairdresser. We both went for a trim and walked out feeling all Kardashian. Ian gave tons of compliments, and we took pictures (something I now realise we don’t do enough). While putting on a bit of make-up on Saturday (also something I don’t do very often), Emilie was like wow mum, now you look really pretty. I saw that look and resisted the temptation to say you can put something on too.

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