My toddler has started hitting me! Is this normal?

Daniel and I are playing on the couch, innocently and I think we are having fun, when out of nowhere he slaps me. Flat hand across the face. *the horror* I wasn’t really sure how to deal with it at the time, I think purely out of shock. Daniel is a very loving, social child who to my knowledge is not aggressive at all. Is it normal for toddlers to be hitting? What am I doing wrong? Why would he do that? What should I be doing?

toddler hitting


My child wanted to be Barbie and now she can be!

A few years ago, when my preteen was in the thick of her “Barbie craze”, she wanted not just to have as many Barbie’s as we could afford. She also wanted to be Barbie. Retrospectively this is really funny, because obviously she couldn’t change her appearance but.. At 5 – the imagination is not limited. Emilie believed if she wished hard enough, was good enough, and did enough chores (or whatever I told her) she could have blonde hair and blue eyes like her role model – Barbie.



How we use Baby Dove to combat an eczema flare up {+WIN a mini hamper}

Summer is a difficult time for eczema sufferers, in my experience, sweat really aggravates sensitive skin in the worst way. As I have mentioned many times before, Baby Dove really did change things for us in terms of Daniel’s sensitive skin. Being diagnosed at 10 weeks old was heart-wrenching for me, we have since found a really good skin routine. This includes managing his sudden flare ups, as well as keep his skin healthy all year round.


How do you combat sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep. I know as mom’s we just assume this as part of the package, children = lack of sleep. Realistically it is – whether it be babies, teething toddlers, or just sleepless nights worrying if you have in fact made the right decisions for your child/children. Sleepless nights become a way of life. Something you just adjust to. Do you know though how badly this affects your body? More importantly how are you supposed to function when you are sleep deprived? I’ve done some digging for all of us!

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