Large sums of money withdrawn from your account without consent? Protect yourself from “Identity Theft”

Picture yourselfΒ getting a call from a debt collector. First of all ugghhhhh – as if you didn’t know that you haven’t paid that account yet. Except imagine that you didn’t – you actually didn’t forget to pay, or couldn’t pay. You didn’t even make the debt. Picture that debt collector, embarrassing you over the phone about debt and an account that you didn’t even create.

identity theft

Money you owe that you in fact did not spend.


Baltic Amber Beads to the rescue…?

When I first heard about Baltic amber beads I must admit that I had my suspicions. I’ve heard of the healing power of certain stones but never actually experienced it first hand. I am generally the kind of girl that likes first hand experience because you know you can’t believe everything you hear/read. This week however has laid those suspicions to rest and made me a believer.

amber beads


Meet my new BFF the LG Sapience 15kg Top Loader with Smart Inverter