Carnival and Super Hero Fun Run/Walk {+ WIN tickets}

Can you picture a stream of Superheros along side the Beachfront and in our beloved Happy Valley? What an amazing sight! If you can’t picture it then you definitely need to keep reading. St Francis Hospice is hosting a SuperHero Fun Run or Walk for those of us whose running skills are zero (like me). It will be held on the 3rd of March starting in Happy Valley at 07:00, down Marine Drive and ending in Happy Valley again. (3kms not so bad at all!) Excited? Me too!

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The hilarious “Tannie Evita” is coming to PE!

Looking for plans this weekend? Look no further PE we have Pieter-Dirk Uys aka Evita Bezuidenhout lined up! She promises to shake your blues away with her brazen commentary on our political situation. Tannie Evita’s character has always reminded us with a chuckle, where we have come from as South Africans. She no doubt has a lot of new material up her sleeve, because of all the happenings of late – so it should be a good one!

Tannie Evita

“Evita Bezuidenhout and the Kaktus of Seperate Development” will be showing on the 22-24 February 2018. The show is said to be focused on the future of the ANC, the state of the nation and the capture of democracy. Tannie Evita is completely unabashed about ruffling feathers so there is sure to not be a topic that goes untouched. Lined up are her takes on the Van Riebeecks, Verwoeds, Bothas, Guptas, the Mandelas and most importantly the Zumas. A diet for Malema and not forgetting some love for her dearest Tutu.

Closely followed by another solo-show featuring Pieter-Dirk Uys as himself in “Echo of Noise”. Unequivocaly this show has left attendees astonished at the man behind the heels and make-up. Uys opens up and tells of his public and personal life, in an autobiographical one man memoir. Critics have called this show “truly inspirational” and “brilliant“. Among others he shares the story of his fathers death and German mothers suicide. Therfore giving us a peak into the life of man who chose the road less travelled.  Making this a not-to-be missed rendition. Enthusiasts can catch this show from 24-28 February 2018.

Tickets for either of the above mentioned shows can be purchased at your nearest Computicket. They will take both place at the Anthenaeum for R130 per person at 7:30pm on the dates respectively mentioned above.

Excitingly My Spreadsheet Brain has a chance for you to win tickets to Echo of Noise over here!

In the Meantime – So does Tannie Evita tickle your funny bone too? Share some of your memories with me in the comments!

The age gap debate – My experience with a big age gap

From the first days of my pregnancy, the one constant I received was.. “You are so lucky”. “She’s going to be such a big help.” “This age gap is going to make having a baby so much easier.” I too, fell into it for a little while. How awesome I thought, a permanent little helper. I must have been on some really great pregnancy vitamins, thinking that a preteen and a toddler would be a good combination.

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Devotionals for couples: Saving your marriage before it starts

Life can get so busy and crazy, we often find less and less time to be quiet and pray with our significant others. I know from personal experience that committing to a daily devotional together can be quite daunting at first. We have found our rhythm now after 3 years of marriage! The “Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts” devotional by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot was created with this in mind.

saving your marriage before it starts


My pre-birth story that stole the show…

You know how you listen to some birth stories and you cup your mouth with sheer disbelief! You’re not sure whether to thank your lucky stars it didn’t happen to you, or to half wish it did because it’s such a good story. I have got one that will make you giggle a little, just at the thought. Let me start by saying these birth stories are not only reserved for movies!

It’s pregnancy awareness week (12-16 February) and Valentines Day *insert soppy music*, My Daily Cake’s post earlier about Antenatal Classes this week spurred me to share our little amusing story, another reason to add to why I love my husband!

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