The holidays proved to not be the perfect time for Emilie to read, as much as she enjoys escaping into another world, she needs a little coaxing. Gasp! I know, as much as I constantly push the culture of book-lovers in our home, and we are positively excited about new releases and the absolute privileged to see them before they are on the shelves. Getting a preteen to read can be challenging, especially when the world has so many other stimulants that are easier to engross into. “Ottoline and the Purple Fox” was the perfect easy read for Emilie to use to get back into things during the holidays.

Ottoline and the Purple Fox

Ottoline and the Purple Fox

Ms Ottoline Brown is an odd young girl who lives in a Pepperpot looking building apartment. She lives there with her best friend Mr Munroe, a small hairy creature who comes from a bog in Norway. Her parents, are Roving Collectors who travel the world collecting things. They send these home for Ottoline to sort and take care of, and although the collection is rather big, Ottoline has lots of visitors at her apartment who help her keep up with all the trinkets.

Whilst clearing out after deciding to throw a special dinner party, Ottoline meets the Purple Fox. He lives inside an elegant rubbish bin outside their apartment building. He had transformed bin 34 into something amazing from recycled goods that most people threw away. The Purple Fox invited Ottoline and Mr Munroe on “Urban Safari” to introduce them to the city’s nocturnal animal residents. Of course Ottoline and Mr Munroe live for adventure, how could they possibly refuse this midnight safari?

Ottoline and the Purple Fox

What we thought of Ottoline and the Purple Fox!

A book with as much story line, told in pictures as in text, Riddles leads your imagination by allowing you to actually look into the pictures. Each with details to add to the intrigue of the adventure. Many of the so detailedΒ  it encourages long talks between parent and child. Ottoline’s character is one that is unique, and absolutely lovable, she is caring, strong-willed and independent. Completely confident in her uniqueness encouraging difference and being okay with not living a normal life.

Something for every child to learn and adore, a 4th edition in the Ottoline series of adventures, Chris Riddle has a treat in for any parent child duo. Emilie found this book entertaining and loved that it was an easy read! Aimed at readers between the ages of 10-14, but we would say any child older than 6 or 7 could enjoy this read with their parents.

Available at Takealot for R99 here for paperback as well as other online stores like Loot, Bid or Buy and Raru! For more reviews for the “tween age” check out our review on Emily Windsnapp and the Falls of the Forgotten Island.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to us by Pan Macmillan with no obligation for review. All opinions are as usual our own.

In the Meantime – Have you read any books in the Ottoline adventure series?

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