I recently read over the tantrums post I wrote about Daniel before he turned two and had a little giggle to myself. Well, shame on us for thinking that degree of stubborn was even worth talking about. His two’s have taken tantrums to a whole new level! He is even starting the sequel to Meghan Trainor’s No… it’s pretty catchy too.

sequel to Meghan trainor no

Have a look and let me know if you can relate:

No – By “Daniel’s Mom”

Why you parents always have to tell me what to do? Ask me thousands of questions everyday? My answer is NO!

Juice or water? No! What if I want milkshake? Bath time? No! I’d like to go to bed with face paint and dirt under my nails! PJ’s? No. I like to be naked. Potty? No. I’ll pee wherever I want to.


Nooooooooooooo! You heard me! No!! No to nap time, no to routine, no to the corner and everything in between. I’m stamping my feet and laying down some rules. No, no, no!

sequel to meghan trainors no!

I don’t want to ride in the carseat, I want to sit up front like you do. I want to run free in the mall. Be like the big boys. I want to scream and shout and fight. I want another 100 balls. No I don’t want to pick up my toys.


I want to watch Blippie till my eyes turn square, and grow long nails till I look like a bear. I want to draw on the walls, and splash bathwater all over the bathroom floors. No I won’t fall. No I won’t cry. I won’t be good and yes – I can fly.


The End.

Yes, this mom is tired. It has been an exhausting day of hearing no to Every. Single. Thing. I offered, asked or suggested. A 50 minute screaming session later he decided it was okay to sleep sitting up and even then he was fighting it. So while I sit in an awkward position careful not to wake the sleeping beast. I thought I’d write up the toddler sequel of Meghan Trainor’s No.

In the Meantime – Do your kids drive you mental enough to write songs while they sleep? Let me know in the comments if you can relate?

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