Meal times can be so trying with toddlers, if they aren’t not eating what they absolutely adored the day before, they are throwing food at you. Feeding the dogs their food, or messing up their beautiful change of clothes with their lunch. After all of this, the amount of food they actually consume is very rarely what you would have liked them to have. What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way? What if I told you – you didn’t have to play choo choo train whilst waving a spoon in the air and opening your own mouth wide in the hopes they mimic this?

meal times

JJ’s Animal Snackers are here! Prima Baby sent us an “On the Go Snacker” for review two weeks ago and Daniel goes gaga for it. So much so that we don’t know what to feed him in-between meal times because it all has to be in his new bowl! I’m not complaining though, I mean he’s eating! #winning

So I know you are dying to know exactly what happens and how… The base of the bowl is the animal or in our case the plane, and the magic. The lights and noises come from this base. It has a suction attached to bottom so that toddler cannot lift the base from the table. In the base fits a small bowl – which is microwave and dishwasher friendly.

meal times

This gorgeous package also comes with a spoon which acts as a wand for the magic. There is a small button on the base, which switches the device on. Once on, when the wand touches the base of the bowl, it lights up and makes noises. Daniel goes absolutely insane when this happens. Naturally he is begging for the next mouthful to see it happen again. He even mimics the noises before it happens. Check out the video below to see this baby in action!

We love the JJ’s On the Go Snacker, and you can get your hands on one of the Animal Snackers (or all of them) at Hamleys Toy Stores, selected Kids Emporium stores, Loot, Babyzone, Purplepepperz, Takealot and Sosobabies. The selection comes in a pig, a cat, a tiger, a frog, a cow and a dog – they retail at about R550 per bowl.

In the Meantime – An absolutely fantastic invention – do you think your little-ly would benefit at meal times from this too? Let me know in the comments!

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