If you follow any of the Eastern Cape bloggers your social media will be filled snippets from our experience. An event for bloggers and brands to learn, make connections and bridge the gap. The event this year was amaze-balls! I know how real the “fomo” can get, so a lowdown: EC Meet Up just for you is in order. Although each of these “meetups” has been awesome, they really do just get better! Personally, I attend with one goal in mind – get energized. Whenever I leave a meet-up I am completely refreshed and ready to be the best blogger I can be.

lowdown ecmeetup

We were welcomed to this auspicious occasion by the Fairview Race Course, which sports fantastic views, and a venue that is truly magnificent. I honestly spent the first 20minutes of my time there “ooh-ing” at “aah-ing” about this “secret” gem. Firstly, there is racecourse that I didn’t know about in PE, and secondly because wow, just wow! Glass doors all around, including settings that are perfect for a party, wedding, or even just for a date night. AND that was just the venue!

I’m going to try not to embarrass myself too much here… but Petronella Fine Dining and Catering did a sterling job of creating a food experience, food that was too beautiful to eat. Although I did, I ate it. In fact – I even ate the flowers that were not meant to be eaten! Facepalm! As always we were served with coffee from a PE born favourite – Mastertons the oldest coffee roastery in the Eastern Cape my personal favourite.

lowdown ecmeetup

As if the excitement was not enough, following our networking, tons of pictures and eating the yummiest of treats, we met our guest speakers. Megan from By Megan Kelly, one of the most influential bloggers in the Eastern Cape was first on the lineup. She talked to us about brand relationships, building them and growing them. Megan reminded us what to focus on and to remember to be authentic. This really stood for me as the blogging can get quite all-consuming if you let it. Remembering the importance of why you blog and what you really love about it – kept me nodding throughout her talk.

Lyle Scritten from Versatile Lyle and Travelstart’s Digital PR Strategist followed. He shared with us what he had learnt in his 10 years of being a blogger. The most pertinent though, his views as a brand. This meant we got an in-depth look at what the “other side” thinks and what they expect. An enlightening, and encouraging talk to which we laughed nodded and learnt. It left me feeling that although I’m not a traveller – I can too be a travel blogger. Travelstart’s Kirsten Litsen also spoke to us briefly about their affiliate program.

lowdown ecmeetup

We closed off the event with a beautiful themed sweetie table done by Cute and Chic Events, and 30mins of giveaways! It could not have gotten better than this! The event is made possible by the amazing duo of Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain and Elle from JustEllaBella in conjunction with some amazing brands!

If you are an aspiring writer, or a brand wanting to get on board with the #ECMeetup you just need to get in touch with Luchae (details above). After this meet-up, I’ve been extremely inspired to share more of the hometown that I love, because everyone should love it too! If the fomo is real for you or PE is already on your favourites list don’t forget to check out the return flights to Port Elizabeth!

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart.

In the Meantime – Imagine being able to do your flight bookings right here on my website? Imagine it was with the leading online travel agency in Africa? More coming in lowdown ECMeetUp soon!

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