Do you ever feel like you aren’t qualified to be an adult? Like having your “ish” together and looking it too is a tall order? I mean having your things in order is one thing but looking it too? Some days I come to work and see some of my colleagues looking like models. Perfectly manicured nails, make-up and dress. Hair “on fleek” and some of them with kids. I’m like hey man – did I miss the boat completely? 

adulting-i-missed-the-memoDon’t get me wrong, they look great. Really great. By this I am by no means throwing any shade as Ella would say. I imagine that it makes them feel great too. It’s so awesome. I want to be like them too (at times). There are days when I have slept well and I wake up maybe 20 minutes earlier (this doesn’t happen often) and I have some time, where I too make a little more effort than normal. On those days everyone who sees me looking like Darth Vader normally, is like “Wow Venean! You look like a bride”, no I’m not even kidding someone really said that to me. And it makes me feel good too. It does – I get all warm and fuzzy.

But it’s effort and sacrifice, sleep is important to me guys! I love my sleep. It also makes me wonder if there was a secret class everyone attended while I was slipping in some mud somewhere. A class on how to.. do you make up in under 10 minutes, or which facial regime will work for your face. I wonder if the notes on how to wear heels everyday without having your toes hate you at the end of it – were handed out while I was in the bathroom? Or was I sick that day?

Whatever happened. I missed it. Can someone fill me in?

In an attempt to catch up, I will be doing some a lot of googling and some soul searching for my inner diva. I don’t know if I fully trust Pinterest after its last fail over here. A little excited and nervous, I plan to share all my wins and fail with myself. As well as my need to know how and fit in over here on the blog. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I hope to and that you too will grow and learn a thing or two that you didn’t know. If none of that – I hope that you are able to laugh at my mishaps as hard as I hope I will.

In the meantime – any tips for a newbie?  Let me know in the comments below.
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  1. I spent the day in my yoga gear. All the intentions in the world to get up go to class, have my makeup on and go out to dinner when Hubby got back from work. But no. I spent the day in my sweats and asked for takeawyas for dinner. We’re not perfect. No -one is. I don’t compare myself anymore.
    Thanks for sharing your journey!

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