It’s been a really quiet few weeks, erhm I mean months up on the blog. It’s been rough. So rough in some ways that it’s a little hard to talk about. Job stuff, personal insecurities, kids doing things kids do that throw their parents completely off track. Health stuff, connecting and disconnecting. It’s been a hard time for the family. I’m still kinda processing where I am at, but I figured that the best way to do that would be to vomit a little into my blog. My space. Obviously let the internet know that I’m still alive!

life lately

Life Lately in terms of: The Kids

The kids are well, thriving and driving their parents crazy. Emilie is becoming more and more different, challenging and experimenting with who she thinks she wants to be. It’s beautiful and scary to see all at the same time, 12 more than any other year has brought so much change for her. Change for me as her mother – I’m adjusting probably not as fast as she needs, but I’m getting there.

Daniel is living up to terrible two’s in every sense of the phrase. He has started potty training at school which as surprising as it is, is going really well. Except for the tantrums – where he literally wets himself from frustration. Coping with that has been fun! Right? Hearing your child’s voice at the highest pitch couldn’t bring anything other than laughter from the pit of your stomach just at the sheer stubbornness they exert! Oh just me then? An absolute sponge – he is learning every single second of the day. Keeping us fully on our toes to teach him the RIGHT things with our actions and not only our words.

life lately

Life Lately in terms of: My Health

My health and body has been somewhat scumbag – I was diagnosed for an umbilical hernia a couple of months ago and need to go for a minor op. Time just hasn’t been on my side in terms of scheduling it – neither do I actually want to. Necessary I know, I’m getting there and it’s starting to force me in terms of the pain. Also I’ve been so tired and dropping some digits on the scale so I probably need to get to the Dr this week. Can you tell that I just love Dr’s?

A curve ball…

All the above has contributed I guess to us not noticing that our old boy – and by old I mean 5 and by boy I mean our dog has been struggling. Django – on Saturday our vet confirmed that he is completely blind. In retrospect we kind of knew, that’s what drove us to taking him for the consult, I just think that I was expecting there to be more we could do. To help him. To make it better. There isn’t though – there’s nothing we can do except make him comfortable. I’m more than a little heartbroken.

Life Lately in terms of: My Mojo

Finding my mojo, yep.. it is coming back to me slowly. After 2 years of breastfeeding, fully completely submerging myself into being the best parent I could be I kind of lost myself. More than that, even the need to take care or do things just for me. As mothers I think many of you are nodding your heads in agreement because this isn’t something new… we kind of all go through that slump. So I started with spending a little time alone, and it’s grown from there… I’m starting to feel more confident again accept things about who I am now, and just be.

life lately

And that – is where I am at!

In the Meantime – A year end rant is always necessary – let me know in the comments how your 2018’s been going!

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