Are you one of those people who get to work on a Monday wishing for Friday? Waiting for 4pm? That next holiday or weekend away? All the while wishing the time in between these “events” in our lives away? Me too. Sadly! A few weeks ago though my perspective on time was shifted when an amazing new release by Christian Art Distributors landed on my desk -“936 pennies”. From the day your child is born until they turn 18, you have 936 weeks.

936 pennies

936 weeks to invest, to love, to teach, to be the best parent you can be, before… they become adults. Gulp! I know I am not the only parent looking back on my Facebook timelines, wishing for the time when they were little back. Forgetting that during that time, I also wished it away. 936 pennies made the weight of this time so real for me. Eryn Lynum shares in the most practical and entertaining way how she finds ways to stretch her time with her children through intentional parenting.

For their second son’s dedication Eryn received a jar of 936 pennies. This jar was so heavy at first, the illusion of time was great, so many pennies, so many weeks. Once she had to start counting out the jar with pennies that had already been spent however, things became real. Eryn decided to start another jar to store the pennies that have already been spent, whilst the gifted jar held time unspent, this jar represented time invested.

It was a jar that although was meant to bring a sense of reflection and accomplishment, like many mothers, it was a jar that showed her mistakes inexplicably. Time wasted, time lost, time she would never get back. Instead of becoming swept up by guilt, Eryn used these jars to find ways to spend quality time with her children. In the most personal way Eryn shares her experiences, good and bad with humorous honesty.

936 pennies

Eryn has absolutely captured my heart, using the word of God to show you not only how valuable each moment with your children really is. But more importantly, how by being intentional about laughter, love, what God wants for you and your family and in that really considering your actions – you can stretch time. Stretch it, and create in it moments that stand still in your memory forever!

This book made me reflect, reconsider and start responding more to time in my life. Choosing the less familiar, and creating memories and time spent that I can be proud of. There is enough time in a day. You only need to prioritise the right things to ensure it for yourself! I know I know, it sounds amazing right? You need to get one for yourself? They are available at your local CUM book store for R244.95 or online here.

I also have one to giveaway to one lucky reader! All you need to do is comment on the pinned Facebook post on my page here and let me know what you want to do better with your 936 pennies!

Winner will be announced on my Facebook page on the 13th June 2018, competition will close at 4pm on the 12th. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Entries only open to SA residents.

In the Meantime – There is only one thing we all are given exactly the same of and that is time. 24hours every day. The difference between us only in how we spend it! How are you investing your 936 pennies?

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  1. This really hits home. My cousin was killed when he was 20 and my ain’t said: if only she never wished wise away, she’d go back and make the most of everyday if she could.

    I feel very guilty especially with blogging….I carve out time to take pictures, time to write posts….but I don’t carve out intentional time with my kids. Sounds like a great read.

  2. I would love to make more lasting family traditions that my kids will remember and want to instill with their own families one day.

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