The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or does it? As mums, we always want the best for our children, but how many times have we been faced with situations where we feel like we have just not been enough?

reflect the best side of you

Children are sensitive and intuitive beings. They are able to pick up and act out on our feelings or moods. Therefore, it is so important for us to be aware of what’s happening inside of us so that we can behave accordingly.

Spending time being mindful involves staying in the present moment, being non-judgemental and living with purpose. Our hectic lifestyle doesn’t always provide this opportunity, but if we want to raise the next generation of leaders well, we need to raise our own standards. When we take the time to focus on ourselves, looking deep within, striving for self-actualisation, or just being our authentic selves, we are indirectly improving our children’s lives. Once our children can see us respecting ourselves, they too will learn to respect themselves and others.

Mums have an innate ability to put others first. While this may be necessary when our children are dependent on us, it is also necessary for us not to forget about ourselves. Like our children, we also want to fulfil certain needs and desires.

The goal of living a more balanced, meaningful life can be achieved by contracting with a life coach.   The increasingly popular process of coaching involves raising awareness of oneself and facilitating learning in order to enable personal growth. Our journey of motherhood is filled with moments where some balls are dropping or sleepless nights are taking over; we are frazzled with the realities of work, health, family, financial and other commitments; irritation levels can suddenly soar and we soon forget about our sweet, core essence.

This not only affects us personally, but also has a domino effect on those around us. Before you reach a stage where you may feel regretful, rather look within, because therein lies all the solutions. Often we are too scared to look deep inside ourselves because of what we may find. On the other hand, if we don’t venture we may never find the wonders that lie beneath. So give yourself and your children the gift of your authenticity. No matter where the apple lies, make sure it is the sweetest apple in the bushel.

 This is a guest post by Kavita Govindjee (BComm Hons), she is passionate about leadership and personal development and is currently studying towards a Diploma in Practitioner Coaching. If you are looking for personal transformation or want to gain a deeper awareness of yourself. She is offering a set of six coaching sessions to assist a few lucky readers.  Please comment below with your email address and that you are interested, and she will get back to you shortly. If you know of someone who would like this to, please share with them too.

In the meantime – do you take time out for yourself? I find that I struggle to, but remembering that time out for me will help my children might help me to do just that!

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