Usually we have all things mom up on the blog, but with International Men’s Day coming up on the 19th of November. I thought we could pay tribute to the awesome dudes that help us to be the amazing moms we are! Fatherhood Foundation of South Africa (FFOSA) encourages fathers, empowers families and helps children and communities affected by fatherless-ness.

dad of the year

As we know fatherless-ness contributes to an increase in poverty, abuse, self harm and all kinds of destructive behaviours in children and in turn adults. This foundation is aimed at combating fatherless-ness in South Africa. On the 19th of November for the first time Port Elizabeth hosting the “Dad of the Year Awards”. This event is all about honouring those men who contribute to the village we need to raise our children and raising awareness about fatherhood and its importance. For the guys, who don’t take the easy road. The ones who are providing for their families, doing homework, watching soccer games and concerts. To the dads who make you love them just because of the way they love our children.

There are four categories in which you can nominate your dad/or the amazing father figure in your life are:

  • DIY Dad – this award goes out to a father who is active in the home, fixing things, rather than replacing and calling out service providers. This dad should be passionate about passing this skill set onto his children
  • Community Dad – this award goes out the dad that is always ready to help and serve those around him. He should be a leader in his community and a problem solver. A man people come to for wisdom and one that people can rely on.
  • Entrepreneur Dad – this award goes to a dad that runs his own business. This type of dad will have a demanding life with corporate pressures along with family responsibilities. He should display balance to his children, educating them on what is most important.
  • Sporting Dad – this award goes to the healthy and active dad. He should encourage activities with his children and teach them the importance of being outside and taking care of their bodies.

dad of the year

I know you already know which category your special guy fits into! Now all you need to do is head over to the event page (click here for that) and simply comment with your email address. All the information on what you need to supply for a nomination will be sent to you. You can nominate your own father, or someone you know to be an amazing dad. This nomination recognises that in your eyes this man is worthy of being esteemed and honoured in his role as a dad or mentor.

The awards ceremony will take place in the form of a family picnic at the MTR Smit Children’s Home in Circular Drive. Kicking off at 11am, the space will be transformed into a carnival style picnic area hosted by Pharos. Families will need to provide their own food. As limited food will be sold at the event. Zane Meas (CEO of FFOSA – and Neville from 7de Laan), along with other influential speakers will address the families on various topics around fatherhood and leadership followed by the awards ceremony. Winning dad in their categories will receive relevant prizes – guys these prizes are amazing! Fathers will need to be at the event in order to receive their prizes.

Live entertainment, games and a jumping castle will be provided. This is a free event, so bring your family and friends and let’s honour our dads!

In the meantime – what category are you nominating your special dad for? Will I see you at the Dad of the Year event this weekend?

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