I have been to quite a few toddler birthdays lately, obviously with DJ entering toddler-hood it comes with the territory. Apart from worrying about the gift, the party usually gives me a bit of anxiety. I mean mostly I don’t know all the moms, and the more pertinent matter of my very very busy toddler. Who will most probably be indulging in more sugary foods than he usually has in a week in an hour.

enjoy the birthday party
I’ve found myself coming home needing a massive glass of something and a Panado. After the last party I decided I would really try to improve this experience for myself.
Here’s what I came up with…
  1. Get a nap in before the time. Because I know we are going to a party at a specific time, this means slightly rearranging his nap times to be able to get a good sleep in before the party. This aids with moodiness that comes with a sugar come-down.
  2. Eat well during the day. To kinda compensate for the fact that he’s probably going to have some cake with icing, I try to give the toddler some good meals and snacks. Veggies, proteins etc. Also try to steer clear of fruit and juices.
  3. Don’t dress up. Yes he is going to a party where there will probably be a camera man/woman. He will also probably be playing. Give him and yourself the freedom to let him play by putting on clothes you are comfortable letting him get some stickiness and dirt on.
  4. Pack in some water. Most parties nowadays have water for kiddies available but just incase, pack some in to use for wash down.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes for running around. With this one I’m referring to you mum. By comfortable I mean clothes that you don’t have to pull at because your crack is going to show every time you bend. Yep, I’ve been that mom.
  6. Don’t make too many plans for after the party. My tot usually naps straight after because playing for 2 hours is tiring for a kid knee high. But he’s also pretty moody, sugar come down and all. So the more predictable my plans for after i.e. being at home, the easier for us to slip into our routine
  7. Take a chill pill mom. Kids will be kids. They are going to eat the sand, push the kid in the ball pit. Eat someone else’s party pack sweets. It’s just what they do to embarrass you at these things. They may even show everyone how well their vocal chords work and how quickly they can get you to jump from wherever you are and move like the flash to where they are. The trick is to just take it in your stride. Apologize and reprimand where you need to and for the rest laugh it off. Ask another mom to watch the toddler if you really need to pee. Let someone bring you a drink if they offer. And talk to the other moms.. they are most probably knowing exactly what you are going through anyway.

enjoy the birthday partyAs you may have gathered, I am the mom running around after the crazy toddler at the party. The mom whose kid is throwing tantrums because they can’t eat the fondant or because they dropped their chips everywhere. The kid who is not-so-discreetly trying to steal everyone’s party packs and act like he’s 5 when he’s only 1. I am the mom everyone laughs with and sympathises with. It’s okay. I own it and he has a good time. And from now on so will I.

In the meantime – is your toddler as rawkus as mine? Do you have additional tips to enjoy the birthday party?

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    • Uhm, were you at Adam’s birthday party? Did you see him? Or me? Probably not because I was running around the entire time. LOL I also wish I had some cake. Or any sugared food actually.

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