Easter is looming and it’s one of my favourite holidays next to Christmas! Remembering that our Saviour paid the ultimate sacrifice for us, and because of it we can be free! It means time for pickled fish, hot cross buns, and tons of Easter chocolates. I haven’t always loved giving the kids too many chocolate treats over the period though, mostly because I’m the one who has to deal with overstimulated kids after – and we all know how that plays out. We usually group our Easter treats with a little something longer lasting. This year Prima Toys has some really awesome ideas for just that!

easter surprise

We were sent a few of these awesome Easter Top Picks to get us into the Egg-loving mood, and I was very pleasantly surprised by my children’s reactions! Bearing in mind, that my children are 11 and 1 and these toys “suitable” ranges fall somewhere in the middle I initially thought of gifting them to friends, until they arrived! Now they are all part of our collections check out why…

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick

Emilie was the most excited about this one, (well we all were) the idea of watching an egg hatch and have a baby anything, come out has a way of bringing out the child in anyone. What an awesome experience to hear the chick tap its way out of the egg, tweet and then hop out! We broke out in giggles as little Patty hopped out of her egg. Patty is one of five chicks that you can collect, you don’t know what you get until it hatches. The awesome thing is that this egg can hatch over and over and over again. It also has a little sensor so when you pet it’s head – it really chirps a little tune. It’s the sweetest little thing I have seen in ages and Emilie adores her! Patty stays in her room, out of Daniel’s sight and she pulls her out to talk, and pet and play with (even at 11).

easter surprise

To add a little more imaginative play, Prima Toys also has a Little Live Pets Surprise Chick House – where your chick can sleep when you aren’t playing. Filled with all elements that encourage nurturing Little Live Pets is sure to be a winner in any household! They retail for R279.99 and are ideal for ages 5+.

Cupcake Surprise Dolls

Teaster surprisehese deliciously scented cupcakes – have a surprise for you! Once you flip open the icing, your cupcake transforms into a princess, with a dress and hat, and then back into a cupcake again. There are 12 princesses to collect each with their own scent and styling brush! Emilie loves this, and although she has never been a girly girl maybe her hormones are bringing this side out in her? Her cupcake is up on the study desk. Not for playing she says, but it smells really nice. Collectables anyone? These cute little surprises retail for R129.99 and mini’s for R59.99 and are ideal for ages 3+.


Baby Secrets

easter surpriseThis one totally threw me back to my own childhood days – remember Baby Diapers? Or Magic Baby Diapers – I think? You would need to heat or cool the water and it would reveal the gender? There was about 50, I know because I had them all! Baby Secret sets similarly come with 2 exclusive babies and a surprise baby in the bath! There are 4 series packs including a highchair pack, rocking chair pack, bassinet pack and a pram pack! AND YES! When the babies are dipped in water, their gender is revealed! Nothing like sharing and reminiscing your own childhood memories with your children during bath time! These theme packs retail for R199.99 and singles for R59.99 and are suitable for ages 4+.

Smaller collectables and Easter Ideas..

If you are looking for smaller toys perhaps for an Easter Egg hunt, Prima Toys has got you covered with their Ben 10 mini figurines in a foil pack, there are 5 to collect and retail at R49.99. They also have Smashers – your children can discover which one they’ve collected by as the name implies smashing the smashball open. Once unboxed they can be battled with, and each has their own smashpoint value. These are ideal for ages 5+ and retail for R49.99 per single pack.

Into plushies a little more than the above toys? You are in for a treat! Remember the cabbage from Patch Kids? They have made a comeback and the miniature version is called Little Sprouts – they retail for R49.99. Disney Tsum Tsum Small Plush may also peak your fancy, they are stackable and come in all your favourite Disney characters! They retail for R79.99. All toys above are available at leading toy stores and retailers!


easter surprise

YES! You can win a Little Live Pets Surprise Chick compliments of Prima Toys!! All you need to do is subscribe to my blog on the right hand bar at the top and let me know in the comments the name and age of the child you would like to win for!


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In the Meantime – are you into gift giving around Easter too?

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  1. Just subscribed. I am with you with the limit on sweet things at easter and think this is great. I have a two sons, 5 yrs old and 3 years old.

  2. Subscribed ❣️❣️❣️ I would love this for my 5 year old boy Axl 😁😁😁

  3. Hi there, my 3 boys ages 4,6,and 8(Daniel, Jesse and David), would be delighted with this little pet x subscribed

  4. Hi there, see you I have 3 boys aged 4,6 and 8 and they would be delighted with this little pet (Daniel Jesse and David )

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