This is in fact not a book about spiders, gogo’s or any creepy crawly’s as the title would have you think. Daddy Long Legs is actually a beautiful book about a daddy’s relationship with his child.

How many of you have sang the song, “Clap handies, clap handies for Daddy to come”? When Ian has had to travel in the past although I’ve never sang the song, I’ve found myself pining. Dads, the heroes of so many children’s hearts are often the ones who are traveling, and spending more time away from home. While the parent left behind nurtures and give reassurance of Daddy’s return. This book is that reassurance in a way that warms all the mushies in your heart.

Daddy Long Legs

One for the dads!

One morning as Matty and Daddy were about the usual routine, the old green car wouldn’t start. Actually, it had hiccups! This concerned Matty quite a bit as they drove to nursery school. When Daddy dropped Matty off and said his normal goodbyes, Matty asked – “But what if the old green car doesn’t start later and you can’t fetch me?” Daddy soon put all those fears to rest with imaginative modes of transporting him to Matty. From the tractor next door to the bunnies in the field, to dragons, boats and even birds. After none of the suggestions satisfied Matty’s concern, Daddy reminds him that then he will come with his long legs.

Daddy’s legs would never be too tired to come and fetch Matty.

Daddy Long Legs review

Nadine Brun-Cosme has warmed my heart each time I read it to Daniel and even more so when his own daddy reads it to him. A story that reaffirms that special love between a dad and his child. That in all his actions and creativity, that if everything fails him – his utter complete dedication and love for his child will still stand. Illustrated by Aurlie Guillery, the unique retro charm colourfully creates pictures that are fresh and funky when paging through this book.

Definitely one to keep on the shelf! This book is available at leading book stores and online at Takealot here for R205.

*Disclaimer: Pan Macmillan sent us this book, with no obligation to review. The opinions and views are as always my own.

In the Meantime – Daddy Long Legs is a book that Ian and I read with great fondness. What’s your favourite heart warming story to read to your children?

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