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Sometimes I find products, places and things that I absolutely adore and figure if we all in this trial and error together let me tell you what worked for me. :)

The Importance of Picture Books! {Picture Book Month}

Both my children love reading, the littlest more but this is because we have cultivated this love from a very young age. We did this with the use of picture books, most of which were way over his “age group”. November is Picture Book month, and to celebrate this, every day this week I will be featuring and reviewing one of our favourite picture books! Of course at the end of this week there will be a lovely picture book hamper for age group 3-6 sponsored by Pan MacMillan for you to win!

All you need to do is follow each book review this week for a hint released each day and on Friday follow the prompts!

picture books


Avengers Infinity War Review

First of all let me start off by saying we have been waiting for Avengers Infinity War since 2012 when Thanos made his first appearance in The Avengers post credit scene. This movie was the culmination of the last 10 years of Marvel movies and the 19th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ian and I got tickets for the second screening on the day it was released, the cinema was PACKED! Marvel fans EVERY-WHERE. All of them doing this nod like although they didn’t really know one another the fact that you dragged yourself out of bed at this hour to come to the movies…we are on the same page. We have a common goal. Dare I say it? We are friends, if only just for the next couple of hours.

avengers infinity warPicture Credit


When the Mountains Roared {Childrens Book Review}

Another holiday behind us, but this one was a little different… we and by we I mean Emilie, did actually get some reading done. In fact she was so engrossed, we worried that she was a little anti-social. I know I know, worried when they do, worried when they don’t! When the mountains roared gave my little girl so much to think about and be grateful for. The perfect story to move an animal lover anywhere. Dare I say – this may have even changed her perspective on some things? A mom can dream!

when the mountains roared


Skip the Flush with Organico + WIN!

Imagine yourself in the toilet, doing your thing – you turn to flush 7-9 litres of water down the toilet to pass your average of about 200-400mls of urine, but instead you “skip the flush” and grab a bottle of Organico. Spritz or powder your wee, wash your hands and go. Would that be terrible? Could you imagine doing that? Most households in Port Elizabeth have had to resort to many new and innovative ways to save water. Our dams have recently hit a low of 18%, it has meant that every single household needs to pull together and help our city.

Skip the flush


Ruby Red Shoes Series {Children’s Book Review)

When we first received a set of two Ruby Red Shoes books, my first thought was – these are quite girly books. (Not that in the day and age we live in that is even slightly distinguishable!) The first night we read this story to Daniel however, I continued reading way after he fell asleep to finish the book because it was just that entertaining! We received the first two in a series that currently has three books including Ruby Red Shoes: A Very Aware Hare and Ruby Red Shoes goes to Paris! We adore them both!

Ruby Red Shoes

Ruby Red Shoes: A Very Aware Hare

The first in the series Ruby Red Shoes is the introduction to who Ruby is, where she gets her name and what is up with the red shoes? Ruby lives in a beautifully painted caravan with everything a little aware hare’s heart could desire. She lives with her grandmother, Babushka Galushka. Babushka has taught Ruby to be an aware hare. She handles feelings (her own and that of others) like she would bird’s egg shells, with great care. Ruby loves to garden as well as teach her chickens some interesting habits, because these are some smart chickens! Her days are full of adventure, mindfulness and imaginative play.

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris!

We already know from the first book in this series that Ruby loves the French language, and when she visits Paris with her granny it can only be amazing! Although her beloved chickens cannot go with her, she thinks of them and writes to them. Ruby enjoys every single bit of Paris, the sites, the pastries, the shopping and records everything in her travel notebook. She wants to remember this trip forever. New friends, experiences and memories – Babushka and Ruby’s hearts are exploding by the time they need to head home. Au revoir Paris!

Ruby Red Shoes

Our thoughts…

Daniel loves this book because it is somewhat longer than his normal books. I on the other hand love these books for so many other reasons! I love the descriptions that Kate Knapp uses, they are different and somewhat sophisticated, her language gives you a real feel for who Ruby is. She has a way (my favourite kind of way) of taking you to where she is, and helping you feel and understand Ruby’s feeling about things too. The illustrations in the book complete this package beautifully and I absolutely adore Ruby (in case you didn’t already figure that out). They are light, detailed and beautifully colourful!

These books are available online at Takealot, Raru and Loot for between R118 – R165 each.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, but Pan Macmillan sent us these books, with no obligation to review.

In the Meantime – have you read any of the Ruby Red Shoes books? Did you enjoy them as much as I did?

Ruby Red Shoes