Coffee without a coffee machine? Solutions here ft Mastertons

I must be the only person in the entire planet that does not own a coffee machine. After the #ECMeetUp, where Mastertons sponsored our goodie bags with some of the best coffee in all of the land. I found myself looking through tons, I mean tons of pictures of fellow blog friends enjoying their coffee. With us not having that type of coffee machine just looked at our beautifully packaged coffee. Smelling the aromas of wakefulness and stimulation… wishing for the coffee machine we didn’t have.

Thanks blog friends for not inviting me over!

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Wheels on the bus themed birthday cake – {How to}

With Daniel’s birthday behind me, and me struggling through all the emotions that are now catching up to me. I thought I would indulge in some of the memories that are more vivid. One being that I baked a cake in the shape of a bus for his “Wheels on the Bus” themed birthday. What? Rewind! Yep, you read correctly. I BAKED his bus cake. And in all honesty although there was a lot of huffing and puffing. It really wasn’t that difficult, and guess what! You can too! No really! I’m gonna break it down really quickly! (more…)