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Being a grown up is hard, this is how I have found it…

Meet my new BFF the LG Sapience 15kg Top Loader with Smart Inverter

How not to deal with a distracted child…

This last week in our home has been tough. School started, routines aren’t exactly set in stone and we are still finding our feet. Can someone please inform the teachers that? My child has been getting REAL homework. By this I mean we are working every single day till 8pm. I have discovered after much screaming, hair pulling, a few sobs, that my child is distracted. Aren’t we all? I hear you, but easily, very easily distracted is more what I mean. Struggling to focus actually. Sadly to top it all off – I’ve been making it worse.

distracted (more…)

Do you wear prescription glasses? Have you checked out Ootrey?


Ootrey a company founded in doing more for others by creating a space for affordable prescription eye-wear (R899 for single vision package) for those who don’t have access to medical aid. Even for those who do – paying thousands for prescription eye-wear – a deficit nobody asks for seems a little unfair. It’s different, and a little more scary because it’s all online, but so worth your while to check out. I have received tons of questions about this since my post about hubby starting off his new business venture so I thought I would take some time to elaborate on the offerings.


It’s not all about me – revelations for 2018


I haven’t been on social media much this last few weeks but every time I have, I’ve nudged on by inspirations, aspirations, goals, and resolutions for 2018. I love the psychological newness that comes with a new year. The fact that the slate is clean and we feel like we can start over with something, be better… at life. (more…)