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Being a grown up is hard, this is how I have found it…

Large sums of money withdrawn from your account without consent? Protect yourself from “Identity Theft”

Picture yourselfΒ getting a call from a debt collector. First of all ugghhhhh – as if you didn’t know that you haven’t paid that account yet. Except imagine that you didn’t – you actually didn’t forget to pay, or couldn’t pay. You didn’t even make the debt. Picture that debt collector, embarrassing you over the phone about debt and an account that you didn’t even create.

identity theft

Money you owe that you in fact did not spend.


Meet my new BFF the LG Sapience 15kg Top Loader with Smart Inverter

How not to deal with a distracted child…

This last week in our home has been tough. School started, routines aren’t exactly set in stone and we are still finding our feet. Can someone please inform the teachers that? My child has been getting REAL homework. By this I mean we are working every single day till 8pm. I have discovered after much screaming, hair pulling, a few sobs, that my child is distracted. Aren’t we all? I hear you, but easily, very easily distracted is more what I mean. Struggling to focus actually. Sadly to top it all off – I’ve been making it worse.

distracted (more…)