Being a grown up is hard, this is how I have found it…

Do you wear prescription glasses? Have you checked out Ootrey?


Ootrey a company founded in doing more for others by creating a space for affordable prescription eye-wear (R899 for single vision package) for those who don’t have access to medical aid. Even for those who do – paying thousands for prescription eye-wear – a deficit nobody asks for seems a little unfair. It’s different, and a little more scary because it’s all online, but so worth your while to check out. I have received tons of questions about this since my post about hubby starting off his new business venture so I thought I would take some time to elaborate on the offerings.


It’s not all about me – revelations for 2018


I haven’t been on social media much this last few weeks but every time I have, I’ve nudged on by inspirations, aspirations, goals, and resolutions for 2018. I love the psychological newness that comes with a new year. The fact that the slate is clean and we feel like we can start over with something, be better… at life. (more…)

Enemies of the Heart – Andy Stanley {Review + WIN!}

The heart is such a complicated vessel, the psychological one I mean, but much like the real one. The signs and symptoms of something being wrong with it, are very vague and not as visible as chicken pox per say. But boy oh boy, when the problems are there – they seemingly spill over into all areas of your life. Enemies of the heart is the kind of book that you don’t want to put down it’s that good. Bringing your own hearts desires, muck and ugliness to light on the other hand is not comfortable, and if you are anything like me – you will stop reading.

enemies of the heart


Authentic SA Experience right here in the Bay – Black Impala Tshisa Nyama

Port Elizabeth is gaining so many new experiences, and I am soooo excited to be able to share them with you. After our Segway Tours two weeks ago, we were invited to a lunch at Black Impala! Just thinking back to this day makes my tummy rumble, no matter the time. Black Impala is a “braai bar”, and a completely unique experience in the bay. They offer a “Bay Genuine Draft Saint Nelson” and the popular Jane Doe cider (on tap) too, specially created by local breweries.

black impala