For a brief few weeks between mid July and mid August this year. I have an 11 month old little boy and an 11 year old girl. The 11’s. It’s a difficult age for both, but we manage. Well, we managed. Up until this week. In the great scheme of things, I am refering to one month and one week respectively. But really, this week passed in what felt like many many days per night. Emilie started school this week, after a 3 week holiday where she was not home. And Daniel is cutting his top teeth.

the 11s

Recipe. For. Disaster.

I think parents of teething children would agree that the teething alone is enough to drive any one (not inclusive of parents alone) to madness “insert something terrible here”.

Can we take a moment for self pity? I have been wallowing in it for a day or so. Needing someone to say its okay to just want to sleep. For a few days.

In the holidays, Emilie stays with her grandparents which completely throws us out of our normal routine. In all the best ways – no traffic = sleeping later every day. For 3 weeks! Just enough time to create a habit. *insert eyeroll* She also had a birthday, which in itself is exciting! And tiring for mom. Back to school is a time, I am sure most parents are like HOORAY for. But it’s also really tough because getting into that routine can be hard. Also who wants to do homework? Not my 11 year old that is for sure. Not me either. You can only imagine how we drudged through that.

Daniel is mobile, a little cuter than normal and teething. 🙁 This week he has had fever spikes, been super lethargic, swollen gums and just all round miserable. He isn’t like this all the time and I am not complaining. I am just tired. He only wants to be with me. And he isn’t sleeping as well as he usually does and has started clenching when he dozes off on the breast which has me being a little more tender than usual. It has meant that I have been quieter on the blog this week, (sorry for that) and I haven’t really pumped in the middle of the night. We have somehow made it with what I have pumped during the day. Grace! Thankful for grace!

I know that next week will be better, that we will have our routine more stable. I know that Daniel will cut this tooth and we will all sleep a little easier. Their age gap is usually a relief, because Emilie loves her little brother and is such a great help! But this week I’m just tired.

I hope that you all are coping with the first week back at school a whole lot better than me!

In the meantime – the 11’s will be over soon when Daniel turns 1, it is his last month before being an official “toddler” and I will miss his baby days. So let me embrace, sigh!

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  1. Oh momma – I love how you incorporate the cutest images in this blog post where you talk about the motherhood challenges. These cute images is a great reminder of the good times rolling, the love and all things beautiful. Strongs with the teething phase, it sucks I know

  2. your mention that your baby is 11 months and nearly 1 is reminding me of my little baby who is turning 1 in October ! Our last of “babyhood” . Good luck with the teething – my little one had it rough with her first two teeth but now the rest seem to be going smoothly. What an age gap you have !! 😊

    • Maybe because he started teething so late, and they are like all on top of each other it feels harder? I dunno. LOL this age gap is going to make for many an interesting blog posts I can tell you that much. I cant believe baby days are over. 🙁 so sad!

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